Cooling Heat Pumps

Ventilation Climatisation EN

Design office for the design and construction of ventilation and air conditioning installations. 24 hour on-call service. FR

Entretien Dépannage EN

Maintenance is carried out taking into account the specificity of each installation. Our technicians are trained on the specifics of our customers and their installations.

Heat Pumps

Any heat pump system for residential and commercial use.

Air conditioning of technical rooms

- Principle
Installation of an air conditioning unit designed for 24 hour use.
- Budget
Individualized study according to the premises and their use..
- Infrastructure
Complète (étude, réalisation, installation du système de climatisation).
- Midle
Banking (examples: telecom rooms; computer room; operator premises, VT and UPS) Industrial; Handcrafted..

Principles of setting up a technical room



Specialist in split (multi) systems and VRV for office air conditioning and heat pumps for homes.

CF Distribution

Supplier of air conditioning and refrigeration cabinets.

Meier Tobler SA

Fournisseur et constructeur de systèmes de climatisation, chauffage et humidification. EN

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